Discovering Detroit | the “comeback” is here.

Detroit, Michigan |  Known as "America's Greatest Comeback City." Growing up on the Northwest borderline of Ohio and Michigan, to me, Detroit has always been here. My first memory of discovering Detroit was when I was younger going there to see the Tigers play. I remember being cultivated by this exciting vibe this place had… Continue reading Discovering Detroit | the “comeback” is here.

How Contradicting Your Own Beliefs Can Be Beneficial.

“Here I am again,” I thought as I looked out from my rooftop to the view of the newest city I’d eventually have to call home, this was my third time moving across state lines since graduating high school in 2010. Here I am again, not physically but mentally I continued my train of thought,… Continue reading How Contradicting Your Own Beliefs Can Be Beneficial.

5 Photo Inspired Blog Ideas to Share

Spring has sprung and I’m ready for something fresh. I have to admit, my favorite part about this blog has been the process of capturing photos of my experiences and writing the narrative of them through my eyes. Unfortunately, as I switch gears in order to refresh, I realized there are a few I favor but may never define. Here is the over due dedicated post to ones that got left behind.