The Last One to Lend.

…and at night, there is no consistency except for these rats down every ally and side street. I used to love to write. Lately, every time I do, I feel I’m simply preparing a feast for rodents to eat. Imagining them picking this apart is almost enough to stop me from sharing what feels like my last piece. Still, there’s an excellent prevailing over any evil in me, and perhaps I still believe even the worst of us need some nourishing.

I wonder how many metaphors and similes it will take for me to get this point across?

I won’t stop caring, so I might as well stop counting.

I know they’re still hungry, and I haven’t forgotten what is sacred. I wouldn’t cease to prepare a plate simply because the company is late and undeserving. And I don’t know who, but they’re telling me to keep making this, for it’s bound to come out beautifully either way. So who cares if I’m the only one noticing?

I wanted to write about how strange everything seems to me lately. How I’ve lost count of the days/months/years, I’ve spent astray down some rabbit hole. Initially, I began this post by raising the question of whether the whole world has gone mad or if it were just me? I suppose both definitions would work applicably. I guess that’s how it feels in resurfacing. Still, I’ve been stuck here for so long now that I’ve forgotten exactly what it was I was even chasing.

Indeed, it had to be something more enticing than a silly rabbit with a watch who somehow could never make it on time…

Or maybe distractions are just that, silly. Still, I struggle to find the humor in all this indecency. Especially when I’m the only one left to tend to what is boiling, that can’t be what they meant when they suggested not to have too many cooks in the kitchen. And shame is nothing new to me, but dare I say that comes with some prepping? Maybe even a dash of acknowledging? I guess the funniest thing I’ve come to find are all the roles I tried to play to see what was here with me the whole time. The only ingredient I ever really needed to make something worth tasting.

Short and sweet.

I’m writing simply to say I’ll be logging off for a while. And although it was once in this space where I found my curiosity and creativity, I’m starting to feel myself being called back into reality. Because outside technology is a world of real people making every effort to keep their heads above water, I know that I have been floundering simply to make sense of what feels like a tragedy. And as always, I choose to go first in this way, not for others to follow but rather as a natural alternative to the current way of doing things.

An A.Lipp perspective if you will, which may be nothing more than a meal that I lend to those still scurrying. I hope we both find the nourishment we all need.

“But I don’t want to go among mad people” Alice remarked.

“Oh but you can’t help that” said the cat:

“We’re all MAD here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

“How do you know I”m mad” said Alice

“You must be” said the cat “Or you wouldn’t have come here.”

From the madness in me to the madness in you,

#Lifelessons #midnightthoughts #selfcare #alipptolend

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