27 Things I’ve learned | My 27th year.

In Newton’s Third Law of Motion he stated that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A law that when considered in the realm of physics is so obvious for the simplification can be proven in its display.  The example of throwing a tennis ball against a wall is one I always think back on from science class. And yet it doesn’t take a physicist to know that throwing a ball at a wall will have an opposite effect and come back at an equal force to which we throw it. So why is it then so difficult to consider this when it comes to the effects and results in our own actions of our life’s course?

I considered the first half of my twenty’s as nothing shy of crazy, that includes all the fun and carelessness that came with it. Nevertheless, it has been the past two years since turning 25 that have been truly eye opening for me. The actions of my life then have now begun to push back as an equal and opposite reaction that I have no choice but to face. What I once deemed invaluable seems to have lost its worth somewhere between state lines and heartache. I look at the reality of my life now and it’s almost hard for me to admit that I often wonder, do I have anything to show for it?

I started this blog with the hopes that I could bring people closer to this idea that happiness is learning to let go of what life “should be” and enjoying it for what it is. Yet, as I sit here criticizing where I’m at as a 27-year-old and where I think I should be, I realize I’m no closer to grasping that lesson myself. So, what if anything, have I learned in these past two years? That all my actions have caused some sort of reaction to the most valuable things in my life, such as my family, friends and relationships. Although, I may never share the exhaustive details of the friendships I left bare, hearts I’ve crossed, or family lost I can disclose the 27 things I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Family and friendships are like the trees of our lives. They tend to improve the quality of it and offer us what we need to survive.
  2. Forestalling to care for them in the present means we are willing to die with their absence in our future.
  3. Our promises are only as genuine as the actions we take to fulfil them.
  4. Mistakes twice repeated, will only become a part of our character without change of course.
  5. If it feels wrong only you can make it right.
  6. Giving people the benefit of the doubt doesn’t make you weak only just.
  7. Forgiveness is freedom
  8. Showing your ‘soft side’ takes courage.
  9. But only the bravest can prevail a struggle.
  10. Time is indefinite but not individually promised.
  11. Remember that in dealing with those you care for most.
  12. Nothing is permanent.
  13. So, cherish each moment as fleeting.
  14. When you finally receive all that you asked for, it isn’t too good to be true, it’s a sign of regard.
  15. Show appreciation by being vigilant.
  16. Take the time to feel and understand the end of anything that truly meant something.
  17. Being unpresuming after life has knocked you down takes practice.
  18. So be kind in your efforts to get back there.
  19. Only you can know the truth of who you are.
  20. To let others define that for you only causes internal discourse.
  21. Practice patience, always.
  22. Listen, truly LISTEN, before you speak.
  23. Show gratitude. Even when you assume someone already knows you’re thankful.
  24. Don’t stop trying or fighting the good fight. It matters.
  25. Hug instead of arguing. Sometimes anger is just sadness that’s been held in too long.
  26. Don’t let fear dictate your future.
  27. Compromise isn’t defeat, it’s compassion in the trickiest form.

yours truly at 27,

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