Discovering Detroit | the “comeback” is here.

Detroit, Michigan Known as “America’s Greatest Comeback City.”

Growing up on the Northwest borderline of Ohio and Michigan, to me, Detroit has always been here. My first memory of discovering Detroit was when I was younger going there to see the Tigers play. I remember being cultivated by this exciting vibe this place had to it that was so new to me. From the industrial run-down buildings to the eccentric murals painted on them everything seemed so transformative as if to define the uniqueness of the characters who rehabilitated it.

Perhaps for that reason, Detroit will always be defined as the comeback city, because those who occupy this city will always rebuild what others see as something to abandon. While we debate on reasons why it’s been given this name let’s not forget what has already arrived.

Today when I visit the city I’m still in awe of everything that has changed yet, stayed the same. In the short 5 years of living in Michigan and even now, this hidden gem of a city has given to me some of my fondest memories. For that reason, I always feel obligated to disrupt the perceptions others have about reasons not to visit Detroit. There are many places I want to add to this list and I’m sure I’ll write another post on this city but to recap on all that I recently discovered in Detroit, here it is. The reasons why Detroit will always have me coming back and where to go if you’ve never been!

Where to stay?


The Detroit Foundation Hotel | I can’t take credit for finding this beauty. BUT ironically it happened to have the bar I’ve been dying to try located right inside of it (featured image) The Apparatus Room. This hotel was one of the most unique and beautiful buildings I’ve ever stayed in.  The old Detroit Fire Department Headquarters has been transformed into a modern and unique hotel worth staying at just to revel in. I couldn’t recommend it more! And nothing says swanky more than the elegance of the Apparatus Room that accompanies this hotel right next to the lobby. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner and let’s not forget the crafty cocktails.


For a late night cocktail?

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Candy Bar | And the swank continues. This place had a little bit of a wait to get into, rightfully so. But I can’t tell you how worth it was. The amazing chandelier has this lighting that will make you feel some type of way as it shimmers off the elegantly crafted cocktail. All the while enjoying the intimate setting of this cozy atmosphere.

For the ‘BASIC’ brunch?


Townhouse | Let’s be clear here “basic” isn’t always a bad thing…am i right?? This place had exactly what I needed the morning after drinks all night. Delicious breakfast and mimosas, of course. The elegant vibe and natural light were perfect to start my Saturday off on the right foot. Not to mention the beautiful back drop…can someone say photo opp?!


…and just when I thought I saw it all…


It really doesn’t matter where you enter Townhouse at, you get an elegant view every time.

For something unique?


Cork and Gabel | I first heard about this place as I was visiting the Whiskey bar next door (Two James Spirit)… which I also HIGHLY recommend! You wouldn’t think to stop in this place driving by and for that, I love it even more. Not to mention the work that has been done inside this place is worth stopping to take a peek inside.


This was an awesome place to stop for that “one more beer” and food should you get hungry. This was one place that was hard to leave. I love hearing the stories of these owners and their dreams to restore what would otherwise be forsaken.


Seems to be a trend in Detroit and I can’t get enough…


For something quick with a flare?


Detroit Shipping Co. | This shipping yard food hall is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Trust me. Don’t believe me? Take a quick look at their site. Not to mention the options for food will have your mouth watering before you even get there. This place makes for a perfect option before any sporting events or somewhere to go with a group of people who have different food tastes and if you have no idea where to go to satisfy everyone. I can only imagine how electrifying this place starts to get when the summer rolls in. You can bet I’ll be back to find out 😉


There’s so much to uncover in the places around us. Even when you think you’ve seen something 100X, give it another look for maybe you yourself have changed. With the ability to experience the same locations as you and they grow is not only exciting but nostalgic. I anticipate the next adventure I’ll find myself discovering in Detroit, but until then, keep it swanky my friend.



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