How to Stay Committed to Pursuing Your Passion.

“Do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

At first, this phrase sounded like hopeful advice to the endless opportunities open for me to pursue. However, over time it’d begun to sound more like an idealized method of response on how to find the “right” career path.

So I’ve decided to give the familiar line of advice a modern day paraphrase to say;

“We all have to work in life but if you commit to pursuing what you love you won’t have to wait to retire.”

We all have our own reasons for choosing the work we do and we call it our career. If you’re lucky then what you do is also a part of who you are and that we refer to as passion. Which I believe holds the power to fuel the fire of purpose within our souls.

And it’s that fire you’ll need in many roadblocks you’re bound to face on the journey of pursuing your passion. Like they say “anything worth having, never comes easy.” Here are the three I’ve come to face most along the way and in their reoccurrences my own tips around them.

Passion | A feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for something.

The only thing I can remember ever feeling as though it came naturally to me was writing. For the simple fact that doing so required little effort to enjoy, I found myself writing quite often.

Over time and often through heartbreaks and disappointments I began to find solace in the silence of my mind as it worked to weave words together with an eager intention to convey what couldn’t be seen.

I never began to write with the desire to share the words I wrote and I often downplayed my keenness for it when asked about it. It had become sacred to me the more I realized what it gave me that nothing else in my life had at that point. Funny how when you discover something that brings you a sense of fulfillment and purpose you’ll also discover new ways in which you work to protect it.

Which brings me to my first roadblock in pursuing your passion and how to make sure it doesn’t stop you from staying committed to what you’re meant to accomplish.

  1. Remembering There’s a Purpose to Your Passion.

If you’ve read my post on purpose, then you already know how important I believe it is to discover. I truly believe it’s the reason that there are things we feel called to do, things that come naturally to us as if we were created to cater to a certain intention. Coincidences of our lives have more meaning then we often pay any attention to and it’s these little details that often reinforce what it is we already know yet need validating.

You don’t have to know or understand quite yet the purpose of your passion you just have to be willing to accept there is one. Don’t do what I did and spend your time downplaying your eagerness to do something for the simple fact that you wish to protect it. If there is one thing I’ve learned about the purpose of any passion it’s that the only way to understand what it’s there for is to share it with the ones around you.


2. Don’t Let Validation Become Your Sense of Purpose.

The more I began to accept that writing had become a part of who I am the more comfortable I got with sharing it with others, of course only if someone else acknowledged it first.

For instance, in college, I looked forward to essays and 10-page papers that allowed me to research topics and write my own opinion on them. I struggled at first with proper citations but the “creativity” and ability to express in words a specific stance on a topic earned me good grades on papers that didn’t take long to complete. This was what allowed me to tell my roommates how much I always just enjoyed writing.

The grades I received on papers that I breezed through validated what I already knew about writing, which was that it came naturally to me. But using that validation as my reason to share a passion of mine to people close to me made that the standard in which I felt I had to obtain to continue pursuing it. When I began to write with the reason of wanting to prove I could I started to lose that innate feeling the act of writing once gave to me.

Don’t lose the purpose of things you are passionate about in your ego’s need to feel validated. This will only ignite fear in your commitment to pursuing anything. Take affirmations as compliments to your motivations and not as your motivation to continue.

3. Stop Using _____ As an Excuse.

Time. Money. Experience. ETC. Fill in the blank with your go-to excuse for why you’ve put your passion on the back burner time and time again.

When I lived in Chicago, there was always something to do, somewhere to go, leaving me with the wonderful excuse of never having time to truly do what I wanted to do. Now that I’m back in Ohio all I have is time. Making it apparent that I was avoiding the fear of what committing to pursuing my passion would actually mean.

It meant knowing that I could possibly fail. The knowledge of awareness that I had no reason not to try but trying would either bring me closer to the end of a dream or finally making it a reality. Which don’t kid yourself, failure of your dream is as scary as the responsibility of it to succeed. So, either way what do we truly have to lose?

All in all there are many ways to stay committed to pursuing your passion but ultimately it comes down to what you’ve decided at this moment in your life is most. These are the three ways I’ve found that I have often failed in my efforts to succeed. I hope they serve as a guidance, to anyone like myself in the many struggles of committing to pursuing your passion.

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