A Simplistic Alternative to a New Years Resolution

Welcome, 2019. So glad you’re finally here.

I get the feeling I’m not the only person who had one hell of a year in 2018. And I think Ariana Grande summed it up best by saying…”thank you, next.”Although I’m happy to leave 2018 in the past I still can’t forget what I’ve learned through all the challenges it brought me.

I think that’s the important thing to remember about difficult years, people, places, etc. is their sometimes unseeing ability to teach us the most about ourselves. We just have to be willing to take a step back long enough to get a glimpse of our lives in an objective kind of way.

If you read my last post then you perhaps you picked up on the overarching theme that I have been struggling to enjoy and accept where I’m currently at in my life and all that has changed yet frustratingly has stayed the same.

*Cue my dramatic premature mid-life crisis cry and blame it on the feeling I have that I must constantly be doing better than I am, a unique trait that comes with the classification of being a “Millenial.”

In all honesty, though the only one to blame for my inability to not only acknowledge but appreciate the current moment of my life for what it is, is me.

Frankly speaking, only I know and feel the disapproval of my own mind and it is only I who is responsible for how I choose to handle these thoughts. I can admit I’m not where I thought I would be at 26 but I can also admit that sometimes I’m not even sure where “that” should be.

Resolutions have become fitting for the new year and yes there is something about January that feels like a clean slate and a hope that you have a chance to begin again.

Resolution; A firm decision to do or not to do something.

With that being said…I’ve made plenty of New Year resolutions, you know the kinds that most people make. Most have ended prematurely the way they always do with the hope I’d start them back up the next year. I’m now beginning to wonder if my continued blunder to carry out these resolutions resulted from my apathy in the reason I was making them initially.

For 2019, instead of resolutions, I’m establishing a set of simplistic intentions for three areas of my life that are truly important to me. Intentions that I want to aim for within each that may take more than a year but will serve as a guide for all those firm decisions I’ll have to make throughout any given year. Where I seek to resolve to do only what brings me closer to the objectives of my own intent.

…This seems like the more malleable alternative for the (enter commonly used description for a blank millennial here) like myself.

Intentions for 2019

1 | To Nourish My Mind.

I’m putting this one first because it is the one I struggle with the most and greatly effects the other two. Regardless of your viewpoint on mental health/illness/disorders, etc. I think that we can all agree how important it is to monitor and nourish the state of our minds.

I always believed to nourish my mind solely meant feeding it with the knowledge of learning something new. As I get older I’m starting to gather that learning something new is as important as unlearning what is no longer true. If you want to nourish your mind with new beliefs, ideas and assumptions then you must be willing to understand and unlearn the ones you wish to replace.

Being in the silence of your own thoughts in a way that allows you to comprehend them can be a formidable task for anyone to agree to at any stage in life. For me, I often avoided it at all costs in suspicion of what I would find that I feared I inherited. It’s the feeling of joy I held during the life of my father being met with the numbness I carried after he died that serves as my reminder that our minds are never truly escapable.

They are, however with our supervision able to be influenced to the degree in which we want them to be. Without our control, the complexity and ability of our minds to perceive what is true can run wild. Perhaps even more so today where the lines between what is real and what is fake seem to blur more and more.

As I begin to unravel my own needs in maintaining a healthy mind I’m called to the next focus of my intentions.

2. | To Care for My Body.

The word care can be defined as serious attention or consideration applied to do something correctly or to avoid damage/risk.

The intention to invest in taking care of the body that I’m in has little to do with the way it looks and everything to do with the way it FEELS. To care for my body means I must begin to listen to my body.

I’m guilty of testing the limits to that which my body can handle consistently to the point it often feels like the norm.

I once heard that good health is like being wealthy, you don’t appreciate it until you no longer have it. The choices we make today will greatly affect our bodies tomorrow

I say as I finish my 3rd glass of wine

I want to begin to unravel the habit of doing without listening, in all aspects of my life, but most importantly when it comes to my wellbeing. I’m a firm believer in what we use to fuel our bodies greatly fuels our minds. My intention is to align the two.

3. To Align with My Soul

The soul can be defined in many ways and even some of the most poetic definitions fail to bring it true clarity. About a year ago I started listening to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations and it’s what initiated this intention to align my life with my soul.

At the end of every podcast, she asks the interviewer the question, “what is the soul?”

To me, the soul is the essence of who we are and the reason to that which we are here. It is the feeling of yearning that lives within us to offer this world with the gift of our life.

So, what are you intending to do with your life?




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