5 Photo Inspired Blog Ideas to Share

Hello Spring! I’ve decided to come out of hibernation and hit refresh on all things worth invigorating. That includes my blog. In the crazy months of March and February I’ve concluded; working full time, having a social life and keeping a blog up to date is demanding…although, not impossible. I’ve determined the demanding part, for me, is formulating the actual topic of choice to write a post on something unlike all the other ones already online.

Recently, I’ve been craving to focus my writing on topics that will help people on a more personal level. For over a year I’d been working on creating something quite delicate to me but also something I knew, if written correctly, had the potential to speak to others in the way I’ve been wanting (you can read it here). Having The Confused Millenial accept my article as a guest post on her site validated my desire to continue my efforts of producing articles I felt pulled to write.

In the process of revitalizing my efforts, I’ve realized there are a few photos inspired blog concepts that I, unfortunately, will probably never go back to record. However, as an homage to a few of my favorite photos I’m recapping on the inspiration they forwarded to me and what could have been.

  1. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland


Isn’t it strange what we take for granted when we assume it’ll always be around? There are so many places in Ohio I’ve never bothered visiting for the mere fact that I assumed they will always be there if Ohio is. When I left Ohio and heard from non-Ohioans how impressive the Rock N Roll hall of fame is, I was almost embarrassed to admit I’d never been. When I moved back to Ohio I made a promise to myself that before I leave again, I’d visit all the places worth discussing with those from out of state. I have so much pride for the other states I’ve lived in that I realized I never really got to know my own. At least not in the way I’ve eagerly uncovered the states I’ve never been to. This picture is exactly how this place looked to me when I first walked up to it. Bright blue sky, sun beaming, and the red words as prominent and attention-grabbing as rock itself. I was hoping to do a whole post about the city of Cleveland and all its mysteries I never took the time to appreciate. However, nothing stole the show quite like this image. The more I thought about how to write a blog about this place the more I realized I couldn’t do it justice. Like the music itself, the experience here was an individualistic one that must be seen and felt for oneself.

2. Curiously 176 – Nashville, TN


I don’t know what draws my vision to certain fascinations more than others in a way that compels me to snap of a photo of what I’m seeing. I will say there can be a divine inspiration that comes from the combination of what you see to what you feel. This image drew me in like a bug to a light and it’s still one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken. It didn’t quite fit in with the post I was making about Nashville and perhaps that’s why I loved it so much. I started to wonder, which is exactly what this photo makes me do, wonder about what it means, if it means anything at all and where does it lead if it leads to anywhere at all. A post about the images that make us curious about life is still one I’d love to write. I pondered if my curiosity for this image came from a place of familiarity or unfamiliarity. Do we stop because we recognize the construct of something or do we stop to pay attention to what our eyes have never seen? I’m not sure yet, but I’d love to keep taking images of what makes me curious to find out. My idea for your next blog post, write about something you find extremely remarkable and tell the world why.

3. The Restoration Hardware – Chicago

IMG_2344 (2)

If I could summarize a Saturday in Chicago in one picture this would be it. Cool and unbothered, exposed brick and large windows topped off with something large or lavish to catch your eye. There’s no doubt why I used this as my featured image and it’s a picture I still love looking at. I’ll always miss spending Saturday with friends getting mimosas at the most over the top places. Surrounded by alluring people, products and picture-perfect entree’s this photo deserved its own post. I have yet to find the words to suffice.

4. World Trade Center Station – New York


I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the first week of my new job. The last time I was in New York was when my sister was there for college (circa 09’/10′) the World Trade Center Memorial hadn’t even been completed yet. It’s been on my bucket list of places to see since it’s completion. I love visiting places like this that engulf you in there colossal size which sweeps through your body with every emotion that had been there before. The memorial took me back to 2001 and what I couldn’t understand as an elementary kid I still struggle to understand today. The effects of 9/11 are still felt in this city but to look up and rebuild something so magnificent is exactly how this city lives in my mind.

5. HOME – Ohio


When I die I imagine this will be the last image I’ll see, the one that reminds me of coming home. It doesn’t matter how many times you leave somewhere you will always know the road that feels like coming home. It’s never been the kind of featured image worthy photo, but it’s always been a personal one. Like the old photograph your father kept in his wallet with the folded worn down the crease, this image was never one I needed a copy to know exactly how it looked only to hold on to. The nothingness of open skies and the untouched land was my own personal welcome home narrative I’m still trying to working to describe.

– A.Lipp

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