5 Ways to Improve Packing for a Weekend Trip.

It’s Friday eve a.k.a Thursday!! Naturally, I’m already thinking about the weekend. Even more so because it’s Super Bowl Sunday this weekend. This year I’ve decided to tag along with some friends to Grand Rapids, MI. and make a whole weekend trip in celebration of SBS.

I love traveling but I don’t necessarily love packing. I’m sure like many of you, I struggle with the idea that I’m going to forget something, not pack enough clothes, or pack WAY too many. Then there is the whole trying to plan outfits to match what you have planned for the weekend, which can be stressful. Luckily, I’ve done enough weekend trips where I think I’ve started to get this whole packing thing down.

Here are my 5 tips to help you easily pack for weekend trips and not worry about forgetting anything!

1 | Having the right Duffle Bag/Luggage = EVERYTHING.

First things first, having the right bag to pack in is crucial to the traveling process. Taking the time to find and purchase the right one for your travel style is, in my eyes an investment. I’ve always loved duffle bags when traveling because they are easy to carry, flexible, and doesn’t feel like a huge travel bag when I’m not traveling far away. There are so many good tote bags out there for traveling but my favorite is by far my Herschel Novel Duffle. This bag comes in so many different colors and is ideal for weekend trips or if you try to pack light as I try to, it’s also good for week-long vacations.

The part that really sold me was the side shoe compartment. I hate packing my shoes on top of my clothes and sometimes I pack waaaaay too many shoes, so this extra compartment really helps to add in more space (it also works nicely as a place to store dirty clothes or anything you want separate from your clean clothes, makeup bag, etc.) The second part that really sold me on this duffle bag is that its dimensions are the appropriate size for flying to use as a carry-on!

2 | Remember the basics baby.

Have you ever had gone on vacation and looked through your clothes and thought, why did I bring this I never wear this?? Me too. Here’s the thing if we don’t wear it very often at home we aren’t going to find a new reason to wear it somewhere else. When packing for the weekend bring something you know you can rely on wearing and liking. This allows you to bring 3-4 different tops and basic plain shirts you know you love and can switch up if you feel like changing your outfit. The basics are important because they are the core of your wardrobe for the weekend! *Also, included in the “BASICS” are what you plan to wear to sleep. You’re only there for the weekend, so take a t-shirt you wouldn’t mind wearing out in public but can also wear comfy to bed. This will save you room in your bag!

weekend trip packing essentials

3 | Pant-Less

Don’t forget your pants but definitely pack fewer pants than anything else. We all have our favorite jeans and we all have the pants we like to go out in. Pick your favorite two one for the day and one for the night, that really should be all you need. I promise you, you probably won’t be changing what pants you wear more than twice. I usually take my favorite pair of jeans that go with the basics I’ve pack and one pair of colored jeans I can wear at night.

4 | Layers = Variety 

Packing fewer pants means you can pack one or two of those jackets/cardigans/layer pieces that wouldn’t normally fit. I always try to pack two different jackets or some outerwear that can change an outfit from a casual daytime outfit to a going out jacket at night. Case in point = leather jackets. These layer pieces also help you change the look of some of those basics you packed in case you want to wear one another day!

wardrobe for the weekend

5 | Lastly, but most importantly, SHOES.

Alright, here’s the tricky part depending on what your weekend trip entails, the shoes really can make or break the whole outfit. My rule of thumb is simple ALWAYS pack at least two one that is comfy and one that dresses up an outfit. This rule can be used for any season and any vacation. Depending on how much else you already have packed and the size of your bag will determine how much more you can take with you. I will admit I’m usually the person to skip out on some of the clothes I pack in order to bring more shoes but it all depends on your style. Lately, these booties have been my go-to weekend getaway companions. (If you couldn’t tell by their wear and tear, haha).

basic booties

What are some of your guys’ tips and tricks to effectively pack for a weekend trip?!


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