DIY | Faux Concrete Walls

Have you guys ever seen the hilarious DIY nailed it memes? If not and you’re looking for a good laugh check em’ out. I’ve been working on my own DIY project and every time I get started on one I always think…this is either going to go really well or completely awful. Guess that’s the fun with DIY’s, right??

This past summer I redid my room in a cool gray color and I loved it so much I’ve been wanting to paint another room, somewhat similar to the color I used on mine. I can’t remember what show I was watching on Netflix, probably some sort of remodeling/homemaker over and was intrigued by this couple who decided to use cement for their walls. It was awesome!

Now when you think of cement walls I know it probably feels cold and dungeon(y) but trust me this looked so cool in their modern house. Thus began my search for how to paint a faux concrete wall.

My DIY projects don’t always follow step by step, which indicated by the DIY Nailed IT Memes I’m guessing don’t for others as well. This project took a little longer than expected but I loved the results!

We started out with a beige color wall so the end results were going to be a little-skewed starting off. We also decided since this was our first time trying this we’d do the smallest room first and see if we liked it! Here’s a look at the space before.

before wall

loft style room

Wall before paint

We started by first painting the whole room grey that would become our base color. Initially, when we started we bought one large can of dark grey and two lighter greys. We ended up having to go back for a larger can of the light grey. The initial instructions also suggested using a black and brown paint as well but we decided to use only the three.

Gray paint

Diy projects

These pictures almost make it look as if we painted the ceiling gray as well but it’s actually a white ceiling!

gray wall

After getting our base coat and painting in the trim we went over it with splashes of the dark gray. Our plan at first was to paint the whole room in this concrete look but after 7 hours of painting we decided maybe doing accent walls would be best, ha!

concrete texture

textured wall

Once this was dry we went back around and put more light grey mixed with a little of the darker gray. This whole wall started to become like a painting and the rules in the DIY instructions I read the first time kind of went out the window.

painting gray

After multiple coats, two coffees, and a lot of paint we were getting close to finishing up. Depending on how you want this to look there really are multiple ways of doing it. Some suggest using water and a cloth to create the textured look, others say to use a plaster blade…we used both plus our rollers.

faux concrete wall

The hardest part was not knowing what the wall was going to look like until after it dries so we took a night off and made the following touches the next weekend.

imitation concrete wall

DIY concreteimg_1786img_1780

Now for the fun part, decorating! We plan to use natural elements in the room to go with the concrete theme and wood floors to achieve a modern/rustic look.

All in all, I’m so happy with the way this turned out and it’s definitely a new take on how you can create texture with paint. I’m glad we decided to use this idea as accent walls versus’ doing the whole room and not to mention the time it saved us!



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