Reasons Why I March.


Regardless of your political views and beliefs, it’s hard to deny the move that is beginning to shake the ground beneath our feet. From the Woman’s March this past weekend to the “time’s up” and #metoo movement sweeping the nation, women are making their mark in the world as we know it.

I’m embarrassed to admit two things about myself from last year but, it’s vital to the post so I’ll share.

1. Last year, as a 25-year-old was my first-time voting. (I know, I know.)
2. I had no idea when the woman’s march was or truly what it was all about.

A year later and a lot has changed for me, especially, in regard to talking about the things in my life that matter. I never really cared much about politics nor did I take a lot of interest in learning about them. However, this past year truly woke me up to its importance, as I’m sure it did with many others.

Last year at this same time I was taking a trip down to St. Louis to see my favorite band play, FRONT ROW. Seeing the Lumineers live had been on my bucket list since I first heard them in 2012, so as you can imagine this was a pretty big deal for me. In fact, I thought it’d be the best thing I’d do all year. I will say seeing Wesley Shultz close enough to admire his shoes on stage was a memory I’ll never forget.

Right before playing ‘Big Parade’ he shed light on the woman’s march that had happened earlier that day in St. Louis, much like had happened in large cities around the nation. He expressed how he wished he would have been able to go alongside his wife and mother, and all I could think was there really was no other place I’d rather be at.
Then as he began playing and the lyrics “all my life I was blind, I was blind, now I see” began to echo like a mantra in my head. It truly was a full circle moment for me in my life. I left that concert wondering had I been focusing my time on all the wrong things?

This year, on the same weekend I found myself taking a trip to Chicago because I know more now than I had last year and I want to focus on things that matter. There were a couple of reasons I wanted to go to this march but mainly for the sole awareness to others that there is something important happening in this country right now and we can live blindly to it, or we take part. I had to take part in something.

I’ve been in the crowded front row of a concert and I’ve been in a crowded march of people striving for change. If I had to pick which one to be a part of it would be a revolution every time.


Reasons I march in favor of.

1. Awareness to VOTE
It’s crazy to think that at one point in time woman weren’t even allowed to vote, but what’s even crazier is knowing that and still not being aware of how important it is to vote. I wish it wouldn’t have taken me so long to come to my senses of awareness. I hope by being a part of a march that encourages women to register and vote on issues that only we, as women can have a say on, to do so. It’s also an awareness to my own life and to reflect on my responsibility in being aware of the world in which I live and to make it better for the generations who will be left with it. Awareness to VOTE and to know the differing opinions to my own. Know what you stand for but also, understand why others stand for the things they do.

2. Equality for All
In my short adult life, I’ve lived in three different states: Ohio for 12+ years, Michigan for five, and Illinois for three. If there is one thing I’ve learned about living in multiple states, it’s that people no matter how much they differ still want and deserve the same things; respect, love, and equality. I feel so grateful that I’ve gotten the chance to learn such a valuable lesson at a young age. And because I’ve been provided with the chance to learn this I also feel responsible to demonstrate to others it’s value. Marching for equality in my eyes means marching to stand beside those who haven’t been heard and acknowledge, I hear you and I’m with you.

3. Changing History
As a woman, I’ve noticed how things have changed for women and I also notice ways they can continue to evolve. History is being made and I want to be on the honorable side of shaping it. We all struggle, men and women. The point is helping one another in making that struggle a little less unbearable to live a more fulfilling life. No matter what we’ve been through how we handle injustice now will define us for the years to come.


It’s been a long road of learning and even I know I have a long road ahead to continue learning. Unaware of their direct effect on me, I was never interested in learning about “politics” and I’ve always been taught not to talk about them with just anyone. But I’m not talking about politics anymore. I’m talking about human rights. And if the thought of contributing to improving human rights doesn’t make you want to stand up and do something, even if it is just to know more…then I’m afraid this post will have served you no purpose.


2 thoughts on “Reasons Why I March.

  1. Wow yes yes YESSS!!! I’m so glad you decided to take part this year, and found the importance of marching and standing up for what you believe in. You go girl, and keep spreading the love and empowerment you felt at the march!!

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