The Impact of Finding | Purpose

I wrote this post a while back but only shared it with close friends and family. Which made me realize something…I wasn’t the only one greatly interested in finding/understanding my purpose in life. It’s such a large topic and it’s one people have been discussing for years.
I’ve always been a particularly curious person and I like to understand why things are the way they are. Sometimes this causes me to overthink simple topics thus overcomplicating them. But this idea of purpose was already complex so it’s all I could do to try and simplify it.

Like a well-built structure, I liked to imagine that the configuration of my life could be effortlessly supported by a solid foundation. A foundation in which I envisioned was connected by 3 main pillars. These pillars were vital to the blueprint of my life. They answered the ultimate question of why am I here?

Purpose | the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

The reason buildings exist is to provide shelter and even the most complex buildings can be simplified into 3 essential components. These components include; a layout of the floor plan, the walls built around it, and a roof enclosing it. I believed if I could pinpoint the 3 critical elements to the intricate make of my life, then I too, could understand the intent of my creation.


(Opinion |It is in my opinion that the level of happiness one will experience in his or her life is directly correlated with their level of understanding to their purpose in life.)

Events, much like natural disasters, can shake our foundations. Some are so powerful they destroy a foundation beyond recognition. A tragedy of such magnitude, if we aren’t careful, can and will support when we condemn ourselves for its destruction.
I couldn’t tell you the single disaster that seemed to destroy my foundation beyond recognition. What I can tell you is, the longer I settled in its residue the easier it was to assist in rebuilding a basis with the only 3 props it left for me.

(Theory | If things or people are built for a purpose then their configuration must be as important as the reason in which they are made. If we ourselves could objectively analyze the 3 main pillars or points of our lives, needed to support our solid foundation and we then, unquestionably, lived in correlation to those main supports, would it be fair to presume we’d be guaranteed to achieve our life’s purpose?)
My opinion, like everyone else, is directly formed from personal experiences. In the happiest times of my life I felt in control of my life (in my opinion) I believe I felt control because I felt a pull to a purpose. My purpose, one that supported what was important to me. If you ever start to feel like you have no control over your life or you find yourself constantly wondering what is this all for. Take time to explore yourself in your present state. Is the house of your mind being held firmly by the foundation in which you were created, or have you drained yourself of purpose by lingering in the aftermath of devastation and calling it home?


We all have a purpose in life, sometimes it’s hard to see and sometimes we fall off track. I believe the process of getting reacquainted with yourself is the first step in finding your purpose. We’re often told how and what we should do with our lives but ultimately it is us who must decide.
If you feel pulled to something or if you’ve quit on something you love only to find yourself right back at it, it’s not by chance but purpose. Find out why. Then build your house around it and keep going after it. There are so many reasons not to do something to understand the reason why you should.



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