What’s for dinner? | A new found hobby.

Living on my own in Chicago I started making somewhat of a hobby out of cooking. I was tired of eating out and not to mention the dent it put in my wallet. So, I started planning meals to make for dinner. I’d get on Pinterest, look up “healthy recipes for dinner” scroll until I found something I liked, made a list, went to the grocery store and planned my week out. It really wasn’t as time-consuming as it sounds, I promise. After a while, it just became a habit to do this, which saved me money and I noticed was a lot healthier overall.

Now that I’m back home I realize how much I truly enjoy this hobby // habit. Most of my recipes I find, again, come from Pinterest. I change them slightly but I’ll always credit where I initially found each one. Now on to the good stuff…

IMG_0868 (2)

My shot at a Mediterranean style dinner was inspired by a post I found on Pinterest for the full ingredient list and step by step instructions on how to make this you can find it here! Kuddo’s to Julia, I loved this recipe.

This Tomato Spinach Chicken Spaghetti was so delicious! When it comes to dinner, pasta truly is my favorite, carbs and all. However, this is one pasta you can enjoy shamelessly. I wish I could describe the flavor but I’ve deleted three sentences already trying to accurately depict its taste. Let’s just say it doesn’t taste “healthy.”


Initially, when I was looking for recipes I was looking for ones that had spinach in them. Why? Because on day three of eating spinach salads I was over the idea of eating salad. Not wanting to waste the spinach I opted to find a recipe I could use with it instead!

Things I learned while cooking this recipe :

  1. Angel Hair pasta is awesome! But definitely, follow the instructions when cooking it. The pasta is ruined if you boil it too long, whoops!

2.  Sometimes not following directions is good. The recipe calls to cook the chicken with the tomatoes and spinach but I always prefer to cook and season my meat before mixing with anything. Thank goodness I did. I was able to add a little more flavor and not overcook the veggies!

3. Pasta tastes better with wine, always. I prefer dry reds so you can probably guess the wine in my glass is a Cabernet. What are some of your favorite wines>?


The recipe made enough to share and I’m happy to be home and share it with family. I think when we think of hobbies we think of something common like running, golfing, or fishing. The truth is your hobby can be anything you enjoy doing in your free time and you can have as many as you’d like!

Speaking of hobbies…a post for another time.



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