Brilliant | donut.

Borderline genius, I always catch myself in admiration by the vividness of Stan’s Donuts. Even without the filter, these donuts demand another look. Not to mention…you’ll probably need another taste.


It was, in fact, the distinguished colors of this quaint donut and coffee shop that made me walk in. However, it is without a doubt the vanilla cake sprinkled donut that lures me back each time. Guilty pleasure? Really overdoing it with the sprinkles on all sweets.

You can imagine the glittering look in my eye when I saw this sprinkled covered donut. I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been a donut person (at least that’s what I’ve been convincing myself of).

Congratulations Stan’s you’ve exuded true brilliance. In catching my eye, sprinkling your way into my heart, and in a health-conscious society…you’ve made donuts glamorous again.



2 thoughts on “Brilliant | donut.

  1. I love Stan’s Donuts! One of my good friends used to work at one, and he’d always come with leftover donuts… I still don’t understand why he would quit when I and our mutual friends benefitted so greatly from his job at Stan’s!

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