My Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nashville.

IMG_0941.JPG1. BARS FILLED WITH LIVE MUSIC | this one may be an obvious reason, but if you like music you’ll love Nashville. Yes, it’s a little more geared towards country music fans but you have to agree some of the best music starts with a guitar. We started our night the same we ended it, listening to an awesome band with a beer in hand. I also got to see CHEAP TRICK, so cool. *Cue the 10 things I hate about you theme song*



2. JACK DANIELS MUSIC CITY NYE, Music note drop. | It’s like watching the ball drop in Time Square only with a southern twist. I had no idea until recently that you can actually watch a music note drop to countdown the New Year in Nashville. Oh and get this, it’s FREE. With artists like Keith Urban, Maren Morris (did I mention Cheap Trick?!) and the confetti at midnight, Nashville just became my new favorite place to celebrate NYE.



3. RIDE THE BULL | This was my first time riding a mechanical bull and it went a lot smoother than I thought. Minus, the ripped jeans I tore even more and the swollen thumb I jammed. So Nashville, amiright? Listen, I wasn’t even going to ride the bull but the bar we ended up in just happened to have one and the guy next to me dared me so I HAD TO. In all honesty, I’d probably do it again and one thing I couldn’t leave Nashville without trying.


4. FIND SOME COOL ART MURALS | Nashville is filled with them and I wish I would have had more time to see the more iconic ones. These are obviously awesome photo-ops but if you’re like me and just enjoy art, they’re some pretty hidden gems to find on the buildings of Nashville.


5. STAY IN A HOSTEL | No really, this one was fun. It had so many more perks than I initially thought it could. First of all the place was beautiful and if you’re outgoing and enjoy meeting new people – this is the place to go. Not to mention, we got to stay right downtown for less than $100/night. I have to say the people we stayed with were super cool and it was fun coming back at the end of the night and having a beer with them. Just remember to bring your own towel!


Leaving Nashville New Years day was hard, and not just because I had a roaring headache from the night before. I had way more fun than I ever thought I would and every night surprised me a little more than the previous. I will say I’m excited to visit when the weather is warmer but I’m glad I didn’t miss NYE in music city.



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