Holiday Work Party | What to Wear

It’s Christmas time (yay)! And you know what that means…lots of gifts, goodies, and gatherings. All my favorites in one and don’t forget the glitter.

I think most can agree with me, however, that the worst part about the holidays? Is the stress that is wrapped along with them (see what I did there 😉)

For me, Christmas with my family is, for the most part rather stress-free. When it comes to celebrating with co-workers, on the other hand, the pressure is on.

Things I worry about…<<
Do I get my boss a gift?<<
If so what and how much should I spend?? (or not spend)<<
Are we having a Christmas party?<<
Will it be during or after hours? (please don’t be after hours)<<
Crap, it’s after hours…<<

If you’re like me and have ever been to or invited to an “after-hours” holiday party then you’ve probably dealt with the fun task of deciding what to wear. Or not so fun depending on how you look at it.

Here’s the thing, if you’re not planning to go in the same clothes you worked in, or the party is on the weekend, or my personal favorite – you’ve been invited as a plus one with a bunch of people you’ve never met (!) then keep reading.

When deciding what to wear to a holiday work party, I truly believe there are just three simple things to keep in mind.

  1. Keep it CLASSY |even if the party is at a bar. If you wouldn’t wear it to meet your SO’s family for the first time, probably not a good idea to wear it here either

  2.  Keep it FESTIVE | This is, after all, the reason for the party. Have some fun with it! Everyone loves a person who can get into the spirit of the holidays. If it’s red, green, sparkly, fluffy, or literally has a snowflake on it then you’re totally festive approved.
  3. Keep it SUITABLE | for the location/group. If you’ve never been to the location where they are hosting the party, check it out online. Is there a dress code? Is it a casual spot? This will really help to find something appropriate to the location you’re going. If these are people you’ve never met ask your date about them, how do they normally dress for these parties? Is it laid back or dressed up. Are they the nice top and jeans crew? (haha, who isn’t am I right?) You don’t want to show up overdressed, to a party at a bar, where everyone wore jeans.

Here’s a look at what I wore. Holiday office party, at a dive bar, casual group.



Classy – This blouse is definitely something I’d wear to work and I opted out of wearing my favorite holey jeans for these super cute dark denim ones 🙂

Festive – REDDuring Christmas I take every chance I get to wear a Red Lip. Nails too, of course. You can’t see it too well but the bow detail on this shirt is my favorite part about it and everyone knows bows = Christmas.

Appropriate – I love dive bars. Relaxing and casual, I enjoy any place that invites the classic blue jeans and white top look.img_1874< img src=”; height=”817″ class=”wp-image-204″ alt=”img_1873″ width=”525″><



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