The Peak in my Drink.

Seven months ago, I turned 25 and I celebrated by ordering my first (dirty) martini at The Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building.

It was classy and seemed like the kind of drink a 25-year-old (adult) should order in the city.  A city that was about to reach its “Peak Millennial.


If you’re unaware of this phrase here’s what you need to know about it.

  • It was (recently) created by a professor named Dowell Meyers.
  • I interpret it as the name for the year when large cities (like Chicago) will have reached the time of housing the most Millennials and slowly decrease from there. -> you know because we’re adults now and we’re thinking about how we’re going to afford classy drinks, buying a home, and having a family.
  • I first read about it here in a TIME article. (Good read!)

At the time I had no idea about the term “Peak Millennial.” But as a millennial, I did know I had to take a picture of this moment/drink and upload it to Instagram.


Millennial |  The generation that follows Generation X, with birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. Many parents of this generation were “Baby Boomers,” thus making it the largest generation since the boomers. This generation is more likely to lean liberal in their political ideology, less likely to practice religion than previous generations, and grew up in the age of technology and therefore are very versed in technology.

Chicago was a magnitude of memories I’ll never forget and taught me just as many lessons that I was fortunate to discover. Lessons on life, happiness, style and how to make it on my own.

IMG_0049But the fact is I’m 25 now and technically that makes me an adult. A puzzled and somewhat broke adult, but still a young adult non-the less. Which means at that time and even now, I do want to order classy drinks, have a fulfilling career, own a home, and start a family but also while documenting it via social media, obvi.

I left Chicago three months after my 25th birthday.


The last (alcoholic) drink I had in Chicago was…you guessed it, a martini. This time at Kinzie on the Rocks. A bar you probably wouldn’t be referred to if you were visiting. Mainly because it was located on the second floor of the Jewell Osco. A view much different than the one I had during my first vodka infused olive, 94 stories higher. On the other hand, signing for the eight-dollar tab felt like a breath of fresh air.


Perhaps it was this same air sweeping the rest of the 20-some-year-olds into the Peak Millennial of Chicago.

Thus, began my journey on A Lipp to Lend. To lend you my take on how to leave the places you outgrow, going the places you want to go, following what makes you happy and being okay if it isn’t the most “liked” thing you share with everyone else.

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